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Health & School Nursing Team

School Nursing Team Newsletter 2021

Medicines in School

We are happy to give your child prescribed medicines in school if the required dosage is 4 times a day or more.  Following guidelines from the Schools Nursing Team medicines that need to be given 3 times a day are manageable at home and to avoid the disruption for your child and the possibility of medicines not being collected at the end of the day.  Please speak to office staff if your child needs an inhaler or EpiPen.

School Nursing Team

The School Nursing Team carry out health checks on all children in Reception.  If you would like to speak to the school nurse regarding your child, please contact the school office who will get you to complete a referral form. 


Please see the guidance regarding common illnesses, if you are unsure about how long your child should be off school with an ailment, again please contact the school office who can advise.