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My name is John Martin and I have the privilege of being Chair of Governors at Weston Shore School. On behalf of the governors I would like to welcome you to the "Governors' Section" of the web site.

The governing body of Weston Shore Infant School is made up of a dedicated group of people; consisting of representatives from parents, the school and local community. We have a wide range of expertise and experience and are determined that the pupils attending the school get the best possible start on their education journey.


What do we do?


The governors are basically responsible for everything that goes on in the school. This includes:

Finance, Maintenance of the building and site, Health and Safety including safeguarding, Quality Control of teaching and the 

childrens' learning and progress, Staff Issues and ensuring that the school is managed well and all statutory obligations are met.


We are volunteers; therefore, of course, we delegate the day-to-day operation of the school to the Head Teacher. However, it is still the final responsibility of the governors to ensure that everything runs efficiently.


Carrying out our Duties.


To address the action points raised in the recent Ofsted Inspection we have changed the way that we operate. Whole Governing Board meetings are now held monthly; where ALL school topics are discussed by ALL governors. We no longer have smaller working groups. Each governor has a separate section of "The Rapid Attainment Plan" that they are responsible for and regularly visits the school to monitor the progress being made. They then report back to the Whole Governing Board.




Financial & Corporate Governance

The following information may be accessed on the Hamwic Education Trust website at

Annual Accounts

Annual Report

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Names of Directors & Members

Structure & remit of members, directors, committees & LGB, Scheme of Delegation and names of Chair

Attendance at meetings





Please find below details of the Governing Board, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor. Also included are any pecuniary interest that Governors might have and a record of attendance at governor meetings. 

John Martin   Co Opted Governor - Chair of Governors

Responsibilities: Child Protection, LAC, Health and Safety, Year 2, HTPM Review Group, Pupil Premium, Health & Wellbeing & Covid 

School Action Plan: Ensuring the wider curriculum is planned progressively to develop children's skills and knowledge whilst offering experiences. "Leadership and Management" (Governance, Leading the                                                 Wider Curriculum & Analysing Pupil Outcomes). "Ongoing" ( Learning Needs Matched to Individual                                                     Pupils Learning)

                                             Date of Appointment - September 1979

                                             Term of Office:  September June 2019 to June 2023

                                             Pecuniary Interests: None

       Meeting Attendance: 100%

Janet Channon   Parent Govenor   Vice Chair of Governors

Responsibilities: School Action Plan - "ensuring children make good or better progress in core subjects - English"

Date of Appointment:  May 2008

Term of Office: December 2017 to December 2021

                                             Pecuniary Interests: None

                                             Meeting Attendance: 33%


Jackii Gale   Co-Opted Governor

Responsibilities: School Action plan - "monitoring raising attainment and increasing progress of pupils identified SEND"

Date of Appointment: October 2007

Term of Office: June 2019 to June 2023

                                             Pecuniary Interests: None

                                             Meeting Attendance: 100%


Julieanne Medway   Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities: School Action plan - "ensuring children have the appropriate learning skills and behaviour to learn."

Date of Appointment - October 2017

Term of Office: June 2019 to  June 2023

                                             Pecuniary Interests: None

                                             Meeting Attendance: 67%


Vanessa Ridler   Staff Governor, Headteacher

Term of Office: Ongoing

Pecuniary Interests: Headteacher

Meeting Attendance: 100%



Julie Turley   Co-Opted Governor

Responsibilities: Maths

Term of Office: September 2017 to June 2023

Pecuniary Interests: Employed by Surestart

Meeting Attendance: 40%


                                             Sarah Fugard   Staff Governor, Business Manager

       Responsibilities:  Finance

       Rapid Attainment Plan:

       Term of Office: July 2018 to July 2022

       Pecuniary Interests: Employed by Weston Shore Infant School

                                              Meeting Attendance: 100%


                                             Vacancies - Parent Governors


Janice Singleton   Clerk to the Governors








                                               Nick Giles  resigned June 2019






Please click the document below to open the attendance record for last years' Whole Governing Board Meetings.