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School Attendance Matters!

Good attendance is crucial to raising standards in education and ensuring all pupils fulfil their potential.  Missing out on learning leaves children vulnerable to falling behind.  Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less at school, at Weston Shore we are working hard with parents to support them with their child's attendance.


It is important that parents ensure that their child is able to attend school by:

* Making medical appointments out of school time wherever possible.

* Avoid booking holidays during term time.


Parents / Carers are asked to contact the school to notify us of your child's absence by phone, (messages can be left on answerphone), or email (, via the Studybugs app,  in person at the office or via the contact form on our website 'Contact Us' page.  If we do not receive a reason for your child's absence we will try and contact you for a reason.  If we are unable to contact you we will ask our EWO (Educational Welfare Officer) to contact you or visit you at home.


Authorised and Unauthorised Absences

All of a child's absences from school are classified as 'authorised' or 'unauthorised'.  We can only authorise an absence in genuine cases of:

1. Sickness

2. Emergency medical or dental treatment

3. Hospital appointments

4. Family emergency, eg death of close family member

5. Religious observance


In line with government policy, we do not authorise leave of absence for family holidays during term time.  If you take your child out of school for a holiday, you risk the local authority issuing a penalty notice or pursuing a prosecution.  Please fill in the leave of absence form if you are planning to take a leave of absence for any reason during the school term.



Children who are persistently late for school can find it hard to settle into class routines and disrupt the learning of other children.  We encourage all children to arrive at 8.45am, registration is 9am, please work with us to give your child the best start to their school day by ensuring that they arrive on time.  The parents of children who are persistently late for school will be sent a letter informing them of this unacceptable situation.  Persistent offenders will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer and will risk being fined.


Picking your child up late

We understand that there are odd occasions when you may pick your child up late at the end of the school day.  When this constantly happens it is not acceptable, not only is it upsetting for the child but it also requires a member of school staff to wait with your child until they are picked up, the time after school has finished is used for staff meetings, training and preparation for the next day. If picking up your child late continues to happen we will have to notify the EWO and if a child is not collected by 4pm we will notify Social Services.


Persistent Absentee

If a child's attendance is below 90% they are classed as a persistent absentee regardless of the reasons for absence.  Where attendance is a concern, parents are informed by letter.  A meeting may be arranged in school to help understand the reasons for absence.  We will also fine if your child is persistently absent. The School Nursing team may also get involved to support a child's health needs in order to improve their attendance.



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